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Everything you need to know about Skruf

Skruf Snus AB is one of the leading snus manufacturers that you can find in Sweden. If you are looking forward to purchasing the highest quality snus available out there in the market, you are encouraged to take a look at Skruf snus.

History of Skruf

Skruf snus products were initially launched to the market back in the year 2003. These premium quality products received a lot of attention in the past few years. Hence, they are one of the most popular variations of Skruf available for your purchase in the market as of now. If you are concerned about the premium experiences delivered out of Skruf, you may think about purchasing Skruf snus.

Back in the year 2005, Imperial Tobacco went ahead and acquired 43.5% of Skruf shares. They were able to acquire the rest of the shares by 2008. As of now, Imperial Tobacco is having complete ownership of Skruf Snus AB as of now. It is the leading player in the tobacco industry of Norway as well. They have a market share of 40%.

Products offered by Skruf Snus AB

The main reason behind the popularity of Skruf Snus AB as of now because of the impressive collection of products they are offering to the market as of now. In fact, they are offering the biggest smokeless tobacco collection to the market as of now. These products are not just available for the people in Norway, but from other parts of the world as well. That’s because Skruf Snus AB is offering worldwide shipping for the orders that are placed on their website.

You can find a comprehensive collection of Swedish snus available for purchase in the online store of Skruf. There is something for everyone in this spitless and smokeless tobacco product range. All the products are obtained from the most reputed and trusted suppliers based out there in Sweden. Hence, you don’t need to keep any doubts or second thoughts in your mind about purchasing Swedish snus available for sale at Skruf. They are also available in numerous formats.

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Snus Guide: Know about the format, strength, and taste of snus

Snus is powdery smokeless tobacco that started as dry stuff first in Sweden. It is not fermented and is to be placed between the lip and the gums. This dry stuff was available as a loose and dark substance, but as of today, it is available in a featured round box. The popularity and development have made it available in white. The buyers can buy it in either large or small portions.

Earlier, the snus’ strength was measured as standard, but now it is measured on a scale of 1-4. The buyer can choose the strength they prefer. With the growing demand, plenty of flavors have been added to the market. You can find the different tastes in the market, and the list of snus is divided into strength, taste, and format.

Let us understand the different formats, strengths, and tastes of snus available in the market, which are as follows:


  • Slim

The slim format portion is thinner; this means that it not get extended down the teeth. It turns out to be more subtle.

  • Large

The large format has a large and wide portion, which is also the first portion size available in the market. In some countries, this format is the most popular portion size of snus.

  • Mini

The short and thin portion snus than all other different formats. The mini portion is available in a small box and is very discreet.

  • Super slim

An evenly thin portion of snus, which is slim than the slim portion. The size of the super slim snus is quite discreet. People who prefer not to show anyone their snus must get using a super slim format.


A decade back, snus’s strength wasn’t anything as it was measured as standard but with a growing market; it is now measured on the scale on 1-4. There are some types of snus that have a high nicotine level, which makes it stronger. The strength is measured on the PH value, moisture, and flavor of the snus.

Level 1 of snus is original and quite normal. It is specified by two dots mentioned